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      Our second lab practical assessment is scheduled for Wednesday, 12/5.
The recording of our review is posted on Canvas. 
After you complete the lab assessment,
you'll have the opportunity to review the plates from our competition assay and see how your yeast culture competed with the others. 
Was it able to grow in an acidic growth medium?

Did your yeast strain...evolve??!
We'll find out Wednesday! 

 lab 1     8/16    Scientific Method/Metric System
 lab 2    8/23    Dilutions/Spectrophotometry
 lab ​3    8/30    pH and  Buffers
 lab 4    9/6      Enzyme Mechanics
 ​lab 5    9/13     
 lab 6    9/20    Diffusion/Osmosis
 lab 7    9/27     Fermentation
 lab 8   10/4     Photosynthesis
 10/11    Fall Break  
 lab 9   10/18   
Lab Practical I
​                          DNA/RNA/Protein
 lab 10  10/25  Cell Division    
 lab 11   11/1     PCR
 lab 12  11/8     GMO I (PCR)
 lab 13  11/15   GMO II (electrophoresis)
                                          & GMO Debate
Lab Report Due via Canvas
 lab 14  11/22   Genetics
 lab 15  11/29   CURE II /Population Genetics 
Genetics Problem Set due
                         Field Trip Due via Canvas

 lab 16  12/6     
Lab Practical II

    Welcome to our Biology 111 lab page

answer keys  
​to completed pre-labs 
are available on Canvas.
Please review these answers as they will help you assemble as study guide for your 2nd lab practical.