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    As cells evolved, one triumphed as the   single surviving cell which became the                                         LUCA...
     Last Universal Common Ancestor
       from which all known life arose

                      early cells were prokaryotic...
        eukaryotic cells 2.1 bya arose via endosymbiosis

                      origin of life

         and from there...
​   it was off to the races! 

    and before cells?

 by the clock...

earth forms at midnight
prokaryotes appear 5am
eukaryotes appear 4pm
multicellular life 8pm
movement from sea to land 10pm
humans appear the last second
of the last minute
​ before midnight

   how did life arise?

   evolution of:
 1. organic monomers
   2. organic polymers
   3. protocells
​   4. living cells...life!