Are these two dogs really
​members of the
same species??


Data sets that support evolution:

1. Artificial Selection
2.  Homologous Structures
3. Comparative Embryology
4. Molecular Evidence (molecular clock)
5. Fossil Evidence/Transitional Species 

placement of eyes moves from side to front

when will "breeds", created via artificial  selection, need to be classified as separate species?

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                         What are some of the many fatal flaws of eugenics.
 1.  Complex traits like intelligence are not determined by single genes and simple Mendelian 
 2. Complex traits exhibit a strong environmental component (nature/nurture).
 3. Homozygosity, the end game for eugenics, is genetically disadvantageous for a species.
 4. Inbreeding, a byproduct of selective breeding, increases the likelihood that inherited defects 
     appear in subsequent generations.
 5. Those most suited for survival out produce those poorly suited, therefore, the genetically fit 
     survive naturally.

Bipedalism (foramen magnum shift) 

Are these two horses really
​members of the same species??